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How to roll a cigarette for beginners

This is the first post and I am very excited, let us begin in the journey of making you a cigarette-roller pro!

First step is to decide which length of a cigarette you want to smoke, and that will give you the idea of which Paper to choose!

Second step is picking up your filter – and if at all you want to use a filter, I would suggest you to, after all smoking a cigarette shouldn’t be a nightmare!


The next step would be picking your Tobacco out of an endless variety of tobacco brands there are in the market – which I will of course discuss in later posts of this blog.

After having the 3 out of 4 most important products, guess what the 4th is – ill answer it later in this post – we need to get to the cigarette rolling itself:

Spread the tobacco evenly on the rolling paper you have chosen after a deep research (yeah right..) try to spread it evenly both in height and width of the tobacco along the rolling paper.

After doing that – grab the paper with the tobacco in it and start “rubbing” the paper with your thumb and middle finger – it is very crucial to use both these fingers and not the other – unless you want to embarrass  yourselves in front of your friends, that’s your problem.

Now when rolling it is very important to roll only the top corners of the paper – meaning as far as possible from the tobacco itself which lies peacefully waiting for you to smoke in the lower part of the rolling paper. After narrowing the volume the tobacco uses inside the paper you need to take one side of the paper – by keeping rolling it – until it meets the middle part of the rolling paper.

I know it is hard to explain – that’s why you can see it in the video that I will upload later this week as well but I’ll try anyways – try to roll the cigarette paper until your thumb crosses your middle finger and hits your palm center on both hands – it doesn’t have to touch the center – but that’s the general direction of it.


Did you manage? GREAT!

Now you need to lick the part that was left alone – and after doing so – kind of stapling it to the rest of what is going to be called a cigarette in a minute, and voila – you just learned how to roll a cigarette – now – did you remember to bring a lighter?

If you did – you get a prize – you get to smoke your first handmade cigarette!


Keep reading my blog folks – promise to update, and bring with me tons of info for nubs and for professional on cigarettes, tobacco, and some other stuff we all love to do when we hang out with friends – cheers!


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What Are The Best Cuban Cigars Review

I am posting a list of the best Cuban cigars according to what I know, and also according to reviews from people that don’t sit in committees and such – simply love Cuban cigars, here is the list:


#1 – Cohiba Siglo VI

Review: “The cost kept me away for years…but no longer. This is a great medium bodied cigar rolled to perfection, burning even and drawing like heaven. I really like this cigar a classic Cuban in every sense of definition. A perfect cigar this is what smoking is about.”


a picture i have at home

a picture i have at home

#2 – H. Upmann Magnum 46

Review:  “This has become my No.1 cigar lately. Very consistent and full of flavors. Creamy, sweet and toast. Beats most of the Cogibas I have tried. Never lets me down.”



Review: “My first box purchase of Muralla. Imposing, oily & massive. You MUST take your time with this cigar & it will reward you with complex, strong & satisfying flavor. Wonderful wth a nice cuppa Joe or Scotch. Coffee for me since I go to work this afternoon. A very fine discovery that Monte & Cohiba fans will enjoy ”


#4 – Romeo y Julieta Churchills

Review: “I need to give my first 10. I recently received a box of ChurchHill Shorts and a box of 7″ Tubos. The Short is the best Cigar I personally have enjoyed to date. I have smoked a few (Cohiba’s Montecristo, Punch) The experience I just had, the smoothness, the taste, the smell….I really cannot put to words and be fair!”


#5 – Cohiba Robustos

Review: “By far my favorite cigar in the world. The sweet aroma as it burns, the smoothness of the smoke, even my wife loves the smell! All in all the standard by which all Robustos are measured.”


What do you thing folks? Is there a cigar missing in this top 5 list of the best Cuban cigars?

Comment and we can discuss it together here on Cigaroll.com

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What Are The Effects Of Stopping Smoking

Many people must be wondering what are the effects of stopping smoking – let it be suddenly, let it be a long term treatment.

I want in this post to relate from personal experience to some of the issues that come up when stopping smoking:

  • Health Benefits – They say that your blood pressure decreases, they say that you lower your chances of having heart disease, your body temperature goes back to normal etc.
  •  Social Benefits – They say that people will feel more comfortable being around you now that you don’t smoke like an engine of a Ferrari, that you won’t have to smoke outside of a restaurant etc. etc.
  • Financial benefits – they say that now you can save money for other activities that can please you not less and even more than cigarettes.

Let me tell you this. It’s all true. BUT!

As I mentioned from personal experience – it is really hard to stop smoking and not gain weight, it’s really hard not to look at someone who smokes and crave for one, it’s erally hard to go on a dinner and not have the smoke after you are done. It’s really hard to save that money you used to spend on cigarettes anyways.

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke by Russellreno

That’s why it’s not about stopping smoking  – it is about changing your priorities.

See what I just wrote – it’s really hard to…

Once you change your priorities – it’s easier, once you change your priorities – it makes sense, once you change your priorities you can keep on smoking! But having control over it and not having it controlling you.

So, the effects of stopping smoking depend on how you do it – do you force yourself to be miserable? Or do you train yourself to be happy with whatever you choose to do every single day?

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What Are The Health Risks Of Smoking


When we think of smoking we tend to ignore what are health risks of smoking – and there are a lot of them.

I am not here to take out the fun in smoking, but on the other hand I think we should be careful with this activity in order to prevent ourselves from having serious problems.


So I am making this post to make it clear, cigarettes can be very dangerous – act wisely when smoking. (Even if its cigars or any other rolled kind of tobacco)

So, here is a short list of what I think everyone should know:


  • Smoking accelerates the hardening and narrowing process in your arteries: it starts earlier and blood clots are two to four times more likely.
  • Smoking is probably the no. 1 cause for lung cancer, had no one smoked – there would be only about 0.5% of lung cancer cases among people who never smoked.

Smokers Stats in the UK

  • Smoking is well related to impotency – I know, it’s quite awkward but hey – that’s not me. It is the research that shows it.
  • Smoking can also cause endless coughing and block air flow, in general it is cold COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)


I would suggest everyone – don’t quit, if you love smoking, it’s a social issue, it makes you calm – I know. But try to be more responsible to your smoking habits, determine amount of cigarettes/cigars you are smoking a day or a week, that way you can also save money – important these days, and keep yourself healthier without giving up on smoking.

Those of you that the health risks of smoking gave second thoughts of keeping this habit – you can look for alternatives – there are lots of them, you can find them in my blog sooner or later

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How To Smoke A Cigar

How to smoke a cigar seems to be a silly question – “you light it up, inhale, suck in the flavor of it and voila – it is being smoken 😉 “ – well, WRONG!

Smoking a cigar correctly can affect the whole experience of the smoker, to begin with when you smoke it, where you smoke it, what kind of a cigar it is, and more aspects that I will discuss in this post.

Let start with the timing of the cigar smoking – cigars are different in their flavor and aroma, therefore they are affected but what you have eaten earlier or what you are about to eat.

It is also important to understand that even a slight change in the temperature and humidity of the room you are smoking in can change your experience of smoking the cigar, not to mention the conditions the cigars should be kept in.

The type of cigar, meaning – flavor, length, ring gauge, and many other terms that I’ll explain later in the blog as we move forward.

As you can see – I didn’t yet say anything about how to smoke the cigar actually, that’s because I am about to suggest you a general way of smoking it – you can change it and adjust it to be your way of smoking cigars! I would be more than happy if you will write me to info@cigaroll.com your insights and experience – and will share it in the upcoming posts.

The suggested way to smoke a cigar:

About an hour before the sun sets, turn off your cellphone, sit outside no the grass, when there is a tree over your head, (take the ashtray with you), light up the cigar, take the first smoke, I suggest you don’t inhale, cigars quality is in the aroma and flavor, and not so much by inhaling, it will only make you cough more than you think. It is very important not to take the smokes too often or the cigar will get heated and the flavor and aroma will make you want to regret the minute you bought it. Take your time; take about 1-2 hours of alone time so you can enjoy the cigar fully. let it cool a bit before the next one.

Now that you know how to smoke a cigar, go ahead, enjoy your rest of the day – and have a great smoke.

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The Top Brands Of Cigarettes

The main difference between the variety of brands of cigarettes are in the flavor, and not in any other qualities people tend to think of.

The targeted group of people smoking Marlboro Red will not like the taste of Camel.

Of course – there also differences in the amount of tobacco and the combination of toxins, but again – it all comes to the difference in flavor.

So, after explaining that – here are the different brands in cigarettes (and some information about each one):

 – Marlboro – as defined on Wikipedia – Marlboro (US: /ˈmɑrbᵊroʊ/,[2] UK: /ˈmɑːlb(ə)rə/ or UK: /ˈmɔːlb(ə)rə/[3]) is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA (a branch of Altria) within the US, and by Philip Morris International (now separate from Altria) outside the US. It is famous for its billboard advertisements, magazine ads of the Marlboro Man and its long associated history in the sponsorship of motorsport. RichmondVirginia is the location of the largest Marlboro cigarette manufacturing plant.


Ok, after realizing that Marlboro is the biggest brand in cigarettes, here is the 2nd according to top5ofanything.com  –

 – Mild Seven which is a Japanese tobacco brand, quite surprising but obviously they know which flavor most suits to the Asian smokers around the globe.

Just to understand the difference between Marlboro and the rest to come – in 2008 Marlboro sold more cigarettes than all of the next 17 brands combined.

 – The next brand is also by Philip Morris and is called – L&M (Liggett & Myers ) and was well renowned as the best “filter cigarette”  – it exists since 1953, and is one of the strongest brands all over the world.

 – The last brand I want to mention in this post is Camel – which is known as the cigarette for professional smokers, it has a high level of Nicotine, and is not recommended for those of you who just start smoking – take your time before you move on to Camel.

That’s it. These are the top brands of cigarettes around the world, in the next posts I will get into deeper insights of the tobacco, where does it come from and its qualities – stay tuned!

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